seaman loanApart from basic loan requirements needed to produce to qualify to apply for the seaman loan, there are pre-qualification standards set by different lending companies to pass and qualify to borrow money or cash loan if you are a seafarer. These pre-qualifying requirements are usually not stated in the basic list of documents a maritime worker had to produce before pursuing to apply for the seaman loan. I have listed the documentary requirements below and will list down also the pre-qualification list.


  • Completely filled up application form by borrower and co-borrower
  • POEA validated latest contract
  • Passport (must be latest and valid)
  • SRC
  • Seaman’s book
  • Allotment slip of allotment certificate
  • 2 valid primary or government-issued IDs
  • Marriage contract or birth certificate of children if married
  • Original proof of billing (only electric or water bill allowed)


  1. Seaman must already have a duly POEA validated latest contract (not previous).
  2. Seaman must have a co-borrower (usually the allottee declared in the allotment slip). If self-allottee or pay on board type of salary receiving seafrer, you have to produce a co-borrower with stable and regular source of income who is a nearest relative. This is crucial so have them all ready.
  3. Must have no expired IDs and requirements listed above
  4. Must already have a fixed date of departure. This will be confirmed by credit review department by calling the crewing manager. The crewing manager must disclose an exact date of departure for you.
  5. Must not have any delinquent loans and unpaid balances from other existing lending companies in the Philippines. This will be verified through what is called as C.I. or credit investigation.
  6. Must not have a court case of any sort that is unsettled. If have a court case of bounced checks and other cases, must provide a court clearance to the lending company.