August 24, 2012
Loans Philippines

Loans Philippines

Who’s Behind this Website

Cash Loans Philippines is a product and concept website of a freelance loan consultant in the Philippines, Sam Casuncad (see my personal contact information above). I work for a Makati-based private lending corporation and is opening up my doors to possibilities of helping Filipinos come up with instant and fast cash loan through the different credit products offered by the firm I work for.

Check Downloadable Application Form and Requirements

If you want to apply to any type of cash loan today, please see the list of products I am offering. You can start off with my downloadable application form above in the main menu if you like which you can find above this website’s navigation but be sure to check the corresponding requirements carefully. Each product had its own list and you have to be extra cautious about this so you won’t be wasting your time trying to apply for one which you are first and foremost not qualified and do not have the right requirements.

Our Apology to OFWs

Please allow me to personally extend my words of apology to all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) because currently, the OFW loan is not open for application. On the other hand, I would like to reiterate that there are other options and alternatives to deal with and take care of your interest to file for a loan via me. These loans are stated below.

Types of Loan Products in the Philippines

While the OFW loan is currently on hold and is not offered by the lending company I am working for as a freelance consultant, I have a list of alternative for interested applicants.  See the list below.

  1. Jeepney Loan
  2. Tricycle Loan
  3. Business Loan
  4. Car / Auto Loan (without taking your car)
  5. Seaman Loan
  6. Doctor’s Loan
  7. Seaman Allotee Loan

Know If You are Qualified and What are the Documentary Requirements

Please note that list above have their own corresponding documentary requirements and qualifications for the applicant. Do check these first before calling or sending me a txt / SMS message for your application. This way, we may be able to avoid giving false hopes to non-qualified application.

Apart from knowing how to apply for any type of loan, it is essential that the lendee know about matters of requirements and qualification also to avoid getting lost along the process of application. On the other hand, do ask me about how things work from how the loanable amount and interest rates work for your intent to apply.

This has become a major concern a couple of months ago and news said it that lending companies, banks and other institutions should disclose a computation of the interest rates of a loan as well as the corresponding numerical value and how a loanable amount is determined. Be sure to follow up with me whenever needed regarding your application because even loan consultants have different life musings to take care of and I might loose a bit of my time in them from time to time to ease out the pressures of volume of application pouring in my website and in my email address.

Basic Needs and Requirements

Apart from the facts stated above, as a loan consultant, I believe that every applicant is entitled in knowing what works and what doesn’t. This is of course in terms of loan application documentary requirements and qualification. I will be lining up below, only the basic requirements for qualifying so be sure to check my individual list of documents needed for each type of loan as listed in the products I am offering today.

  1. Must be Filipino citizen
  2. Completely filled up application form
  3. 2×2 latest picture (2pcs)
  4. 2 valid ID’s (photocopied together in one page)
  5. Proof of billing (electric or water bill)

Please do ask and produce other necessary requirements [per type of loan (listed above) basis] before making a call to inquire regarding your application, qualification, loanable amount and interest rate computation.

Have a nice day to all of you.

Sam Casuncad (Loan Consultant)


Cash Loans Philippines is a legitimate website about loan consultancy for different types of lending in the country. It is run and maintained by a top professional Filipino loan consultant – Samuel Casuncad who is based in a Makati, Manila branch lending firm. Whatever information found on this site may also be found elsewhere by searching online web sites and popular lending company URLs based in the Philippines.

We provide relevant tips, procedures and guidelines for Pinoys who are interested to apply for or borrow money in any form of loan product which you can find in our list. Fast cash is one of the stable types of financing that people all over the world have come to depend on when it comes to quick cash needs today, therefore, we are looking forward to give consultancy tips that aim to consolidate a stable source of fund for any need be it for business investment, tuition fee, placement fee, buying additional business materials and equipments, extra cash for paying house and office bills, hospitalization, personal purposes and more.

Helping Filipinos in the country and all over the world find someone to talk to for FREE regarding qualifying and applying for a cash loan with a trusted lending corporation in the Philippines.

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