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November 1, 2013

guest blogIt is your full and absolute responsibility to read ALL our terms, legal notice and privacy policy. By sending your guest blog request and content, you agree to be bound by all these terms of service, legal terms and privacy policy. If by any chance you disagree in any of them, please leave. (full photo credits to

Everybody and anybody is absolutely welcome to guest blog here at Cash Loans Philippines. Read more of our terms before filling up the form below.

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But let me remind you that all content you request us to post here including but is not limited to photos, articles, files, audio and video are your property. By giving and sending it to us for approval of posting, you take full and absolute responsibility both legal and not which might result by us posting it here in our site

You have only given us absolute right to post it here without us having or carrying any form of responsibilities on them, legal or not. We are giving you an opportunity to give you credit when it is due. ALL MATERIALS which might be but is not limited to photos, videos, files, audio and words are your property, if in case they are not, please don’t put it here. We will not be held responsible and liable in any form, legal or not for your actions and decision to put them here.

In case a copyrighted material is accidentally posted here, for the part of the owner, please send us your removal request. We require that you attach proof of claim of ownership and copyright which may be send by either you or your legal representative. We will not remove any material without proof of claim as stated. We reserve full and absolute right to approve posting of your blog or content here without prejudice from ANYTHING known by men and in the internet world and without any reason.

You are allowed to provide and get only 1 outbound link to any page you choose but we reserve full and absolute right to refuse to give it to you or post it here for whatever reason so please be kind not to spam using a good article. Don’t waste your time and our time approving it. We also reserve full and absolute right to put any 1 extra link inside and anywhere in your article at any time but we promise to keep its integrity, due our professional values.

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