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What Loan Offers 1 Day Release?

So what characterizes and makes up a one day release loan? Is it possible to achieve such for both collateral and non-collateral loan? If so, can it be done and what are the steps to go through and process of application?

As the question hangs in your mind if you are looking for quick loans in the Philippines, particularly in Manila. Based from my own experience for being a top loan consultant with different lending companies I am duly accredited and affiliated with, yes it is possible. In fact, many of these credit and financing companies do offer loan processing much quicker than years before. The secret is really with the loan agent that assists the borrower.

If he or she knows what to do and how to go over with the process of application, only one remaining piece of the puzzle is needed to be present. That is constant and open line communication between the loan borrower and the agent. On the other hand, don’t expect that banks offering personal loan to have you approved the same day. Banks have credit review and investigation as part of the their process of pre approval for any application for cash loan. This is where advantage sets in for private lending companies.

With respect to the whole process, the secret lies with the agent’s capability to follow up with the process and remain vigilant with the application of his or her client where the loan application is being processed. It is of utmost importance that the agent knows what to do and keeps track of the whole process. If the agent knows the chronology and step by step arrangement of the process to go through with a particular loan application, there is no reason why not achieve a 1 day release loan processing. If you are still with me, let us enumerate the important factors that will affect your loan application whether you are the borrower or the loan consultant.

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5 Important Steps to Consider for the Borrower Before Applying for a Loan

  1. Knowing the Right Documents – There is a big difference between just knowing the right requirements and knowing what you need to submit to lending companies. Different borrowers have different case. This case to case basis oftentimes play the biggest role in achieving a fast approval of any type of loan application. On the other hand, with this matter of need on hand, the agent will definitely play the biggest role of determining outright if a document is right or not for a certain loan application. Now, upon the agent making a request to the borrower to produce a document, the role of the borrower then will be to produce the right document as asked by the agent. If it is not available, ask for the best alternative.
  2. Complete the Right Requirements – Again, the key here is to be able to produce and come up with the right requirements. It will always give the borrower and the agent tandem the edge in making the 1 day release loan a reality instead of a dream. If the principal borrower doesn’t have the correct document on hand, the agent must know immediately what substitute can be produced or to the least which document will be the best alternative and acceptable by the lending company.
  3. Which Type of Loan Offers Less Requirements – With less requirement, I also mean easy-to-produce documents and no CI or credit investigation / BI background investigation. The seaman loan is a good example for this matter. A seafarer has been given the benefit of quick loan release as fast as same day release. The reason is because maritime workers documents are mostly given and handed over to them 1 or 2 days before departure. With this situation on hand, seafarers were given the chance by lending companies for a 1 day loan with the very short notice they have with respect to documents. Hence, they were given 1 day possibility of loan release. Another recent change in the Philippines loan industry is the car loan wherein before, it actually takes a week or two before a final approval comes out of the office. Today, auto loan has become one of the fastest changing cash advance offers in the Philippines being a same day release of proceeds. I for one as a professional loan consultant was able to achieve this through this type of collateral loan.
  4. Constant Communication – Conversing with your loan agent will always give you the edge to get approved of your loan application faster than you can think of. This is true in most cases where small problems need to be taken cared of. Talking and making a follow up with your consultant is no secret for fast approval and processing should not be neglected. The same reason why miscommunication results in diverse negative effects in speeding up the process of approval. This is true in many cases and I have experienced this dilemma of difficulty communicating with a borrower client. In the end, the processing is what suffered the most. The 1 day loan has been turned into a 3 day loan because of a simple problem – the need for supporting documents for which due to lack of communication has resulted in the delay of the approval of the loan application. This one is the most critical of all factors to speed up any process and prevent prevent disapproved loan.
  5. Patience – As what the saying goes, “patience is virtue”, it is very important factor for good relationship between an agent and his client. Without this character, the processing usually goes down the drain. You either end up disapproved or the client goes berserk and gets mad at his loan agent. I have encountered this personally and have seen countless times in different degree of inconvenience adverse reactions so to prevent this, I always make sure that the client knows and understands that patience is part of the application process. On my end, I will equate their effort by carefully making follow ups to the loan processor or marketing assistants and treat all parties with respect which is what I expect given to be given to me in return. You know what? In most cases, I end up clients thanking me for the big help and some would even give me cash incentives in return for giving my best effort to assist them. This is no secret, it’s just how the universe works in the law of attraction.