doctors loan philippines

Are you a medical practitioner in the Philippines and you need financial assistance either to put up a clinic or for personal reasons? The doctors loan is just perfect for you then. How to qualify and apply is yet another issue but rest assured that after a few tips and facts I am to reveal, I will be posting the 5 major types of medical practitioner loan currently being offered in the country. First off, allow me to show you some figures below from how much loanable amount can be availed, types of medical practitioner allowed to qualify to apply to the interest rates per type of loan and the different requirements and step by step procedures in applying.

Types of Doctors Loan – Loanable Amount and Interest Rates

Please note that if the doctor will be using the loan proceeds to purchase medical and clinic equipment, the interest rate will be the lowest offer at only 1.8% add on per month. Terms and conditions of the lending company applies.

  1. General Practitioner – Loanable Amount of 500K – 2% Interest
  2. Opthalmologist – 2% Interest
  3. Optometrist – Loanable Amount of 250K – 2.5% Interest
  4. Dentist – 2.5% Interest
  5. Veterinarian – 2.5% Interest

Pre-Qualifying Requirements

  • Clear copy of PRC ID (proof of renewal if expired)
  • Copy of 2 months latest bank statement (Checking Account / Savings Account)
  • List of clients (patient’s ledger)
  • Must be Filipino citizen
  • Must be in the age bracket of 21-59 years old upon loan maturity
  • Legitimate and functioning contact numbers (will be checked)
  • Documented source of income if with a regular job in a hospital or clinic

Basic Documentary Requirements

  1. Completely filled up application form
  2. 3pcs latest 2×2 picture
  3. Photocopy of the 2 valid primary IDs in one page
  4. Proof of billing – (only electric or water bill accepted)

Please note that this type of loan is currently offered to Metro Manila residents only for those who have clinic. Maximum loanable amount is up to 500K for this unsecured non collateral loan.

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