bounced cheque sampleMany cash loan borrowers come to me asking about bad credit and how it can be removed from their credit status in the Philippines. The interesting part here is that knowing how to address the issue, I usually give clients the necessary information on how to deal with it and yes, even non clients just like tonight, i just gave tips and guide on how to get out of debt in the country to someone named Mr Carino. He thanked me all the time during our conversation as we ended up with me giving him the assurance that there is something he can do about it.

Sadly, when you are in this status, chances are, you have either unpaid loans, unpaid credit card or worse, a case of bouncing cheque known as BP-22 (Batas Pambansa 22) (AN ACT PENALIZING THE MAKING OR DRAWING AND ISSUANCE OF A CHECK WITHOUT SUFFICIENT FUNDS OR CREDIT AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES). One of the most common court cases which is of essential part of credit investigation to clear a borrower with court case related to lending laws. But is there a way to prevent this from happening? Yes and I will enumerate a few useful and interesting tips below for the benefit of those who would like to be helped, the right way. (full photo credits to

How To Avoid Getting Sued for BP 22 Court Case – Bouncing Cheque Crime

  • In worse case scenario, if your cheque has been issued thru a loan program, opt in for loan restructuring in advance if you are qualified to apply 3-4 days before your cheque gets submitted to the bank for encashment. This is very critical so you have to really be aware about your incoming cheques to your bank that you have issued. You have to make a list, otherwise, you will have to ask the person you remember to have issued your cheque by calling.
  • Issued cheques have at least 3 days clearing time so if you have issued a cheque, 3 days before it gets to the hands of the bank teller, call the issued party and ask them to hold on to your cheque and don’t deposit. Ask them politely and tell them that you have funds coming in later but be sure to replace the cheque and come over in person later.
  • Don’t issue cheques on a certain date that you know you won’t be able to come up with the money or cash to fund your account to the bank just to cover up for a payment that needs to be settled. Instead, ask for a few more days allowance when you know you will have or is expecting to have funds to deposit in behalf of an issued cheque.
  • Never commit on paying using your cheque book without any sufficient funds coming on the date your promised to deposit funds for your account.
  • Don’t apply for a checking account if you do not have the money to pay for the maintenance and service fees to be charged under your account and name. Make things simple rather than complicate yourself on unnecessary financing accessories which do not apply to your current personal financial status.

For those who didn’t know it yet, I am issuing these tips for education and optional purposes only. A court case is a court case wherever we look in to it and if you disobey these laws, you will have a case to burden your shoulder with for a lifetime unless you will settle it. Don’t forget to ask for a court case clearance from the financing company or person you owe it to. To the least, if it is a credit card related issue, you might want to get a certificate of full payment. Nothing is all too late if you know what to do in these times so don’t hesitate to ask me about it. I would be glad to help give you a loan restructuring program if it is necessary.