get out of debtI have been to many lending company offices all over the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila. I have seen different set-ups, offices, lending rules and regulations, I can immediately know a person’s borrowing options by his or her statements using a short interview. I am also very lucky to know if you are lying from me regarding your restructured loan to other lending companies and I know how to help you get out of it but sadly, very few Pinoy would open up with their debt problems, the same reason why most of them cannot, won’t and don’t get qualified help from a true loan consultant and not just by a fly by night agent whom you happen to stumble upon the streets giving away leaflets and flyers of almost the same statements and call to action advertising stints.

Leave me different. I can tell you all sorts of techniques your regular loan agent has used upon you to give you more and more and more lending company providers and options but let me remind you that you are not finding a solution to your bad credit and debt problem that way. In the United States, you have to have someone who know how it works for all lending companies by just merely looking and talking to him. I will not lift a finger and point on myself nor to anyone but again, I won’t be giving you justice if I won’t allow you get in to my debt recover program.

Yes I have one but rest assured that you cannot pay for all your debts in one time or short term. It will take your patience out and it will take years for you to recover from paying all the interest rates incurred from your principal loan amount to the very bone of your interests itself that has incurred and will incurr you more interests if you don’t opt in for an effective plan to get out of your debt.

A plan is that which you have to follow and carefully implement without hesitation. That which gives you options and not just remedy to your debt ridden life. Options that will eventually turn to good and positive choices for implementation on your road to recovery. If you fail in this one last effort, then you are definitely doomed.

I am telling you all these not because I know how it works but because you know you are in a bad debt problem yourself and you are looking to get out but cannot seem to find the courage to do it. Let me assist you on that for as long as you have choices, then you have options and solutions. There is always a way and most of the time, in this debt situation, it will absolutely be the hardest to cope up with but if you pass this test, then and only then can you be debt-free.

Your choices, collateral and non-collateral loans. Either which may work for you but only if you are willing to lay down your cards on me. Here is a list of good starters. Don’t forget to use my “Contact Me” form to get a message to me.

  1. Have a Car? – then use it to apply for collateral loan using your OR CR and without taking your car. Is it mortgaged? – then use that mortgage to bail out of your previous lending providers but be sure to make your wise computations. The interest rates will definitely play a very big role at this stage of your search to get out of debt. Remember that there will always be a provider who is willing to help people and businesses even if they are just SMEs or MSMEs. Can’t use the car because it has a notation of encumbrancy? You still have another choice which is the car loan takeout / payout. Here, you will have to find another lending provider that offers car loan takeout or car loan refinancing. Make sure they have lower interest as what I’ve always been teaching you.
  2. Working as a seaman or sea-based employee in a vessel? I have seaman loan providers. The fastest type of loan in the Philippines when it comes to processing is the seaman loan. If you are a seafarer or you know somebody who is a first degree family relative, this is also a good way to start your loan application with. Very few would offer lowest interest rate but I know one who does at 2.75%, the lowest so far for all providers of seaman loan in the country. I can definitely help you with this one too.
  3. Not a seaman but working for a private company or for government? – yes! you’ve absolutely guessed it, I have providers for you with interest rates starting from 1.39% – 1.79% per month only. Yes again, sad to say most lending companies today would offer you a monthly add on interest with your loan to them. Let me remind you though that this a bank loan I am talking about. I know providers too even if you work for a government company.
  4. Got business? – Most Pinoys don’t know just how easy it is to get a DTI business permit. All they know is that they don’t want to go through the hustle and bustle of applying for this permit. Well, good news, it will take just a couple of hours these days to get one for your business and what’s good is if you have one for yourself, you can absolutely apply for a small business loan. Go get one now and let me help you with other needs by calling me.

Need to know your other options? You know what to do now.

This is your Pinoy loan consultant always reminding you – JUST BE WISE, ALWAYS COMPUTE – RIZE…