Motor Vehicle Inspection Report SampleHave a Chevy (Chevrolet) or perhaps and Hyundai or Kia car and having a hard time getting the stencil of the engine number for purposes of loan? It’s about time that you get assisted by a professional loan consultant in this case. Why? Because many lending companies would require you to get LTO inspection report (MVIR or Motor Vehicle Inspection Report)in cases where that engine number is in dotted form and it’s not possible for account officers or stencil guys to get the LTO blue form trace the engine number of your car.

The only problem is many lending companies and their staff didn’t know (according to the LTO inspection department) that the procedure of acquiring an inspection report needs the applicant to have first the contract for loan before being issued such receipt. It’s the other way around according to an LTO inspector I was able to talk with just yesterday, January 15, 2014 in P. Tuazon branch. (sample inspection report document on the side)

So basically, it’s the other way around. The lending company will require you to secure the inspection report document for a hard to stencil car engine number even if you don’t have the major requirement which is the loan contract itself. So that leaves the car loan applicant no choice but to go for under the table transaction with whomever is an authority regarding the issuance of an inspection receipt from the Land Transportation Office.

Under the table means that the borrower will have to shell out some extra cash money to pay for the document in order for him or her to get and secure one. I know the right people who can do that because I have been in this industry so very well and I have assisted quite a number of car loan applicants myself so I know ho it works and I know where to get it and who to approach.

If you are having a problem with this issue, just visit my contact me page and leave me a note txt / SMS message in any of my listed numbers and I’d be glad to assist you on this.