filipino loan consultantToday let us run a simple analogy to reveal the irony of whose service to go for in times you might need assistance for a loan application. It all about understanding the different between a loan agent and a loan consultant. This way, as a borrower, you get educated and you know the difference between these two. Let me define the terms according to my opinion first. This way, you may be able to differentiate and compare. I’ll try my best not to be biased as you may very well know, I am a professional and qualified loan consultant.

Who is a Conventional Loan Agent?

It can be anybody in the lending industry who knows the process and how it works then applies that knowledge in assisting loan applicants to get commission in exchange of the service. A loan agent is usually he or she who is eager and assertive and makes sure that a loan approval is on the way as fast as they can for the simple reason that the faster a service is rendered, the quicker the commission is on hand regardless of finess or not are the ways to achieve it. Marketing efforts vary for a loan agent. Usually, conventional forms are used to get clients to apply for a particular loan. These methods involve some sort of a manual marketing effort. It can consist from distribution of flyers or leaflets to calling cards and most of the time, by standing outside of a target marketplace like for a seaman loan – outside of the manning agency building. For car loan, regular agents usually slip a copy of the flyers in the wiper, windshield or at the car door handle.

Who is a Professional Loan Consultant?

This is my turn so let me describe myself as you may very well know, I’d like to be called a loan consultant more than just your regular fly by night agent. Why fly by night? It’s because regular agents may come and go and disappear in service while a professional loan consultant like me invests in what we call business. Yes, we treat our jobs as if it is a family business. After all, it is where we get our daily bread from.

I’ve mentioned the word “investment”. By investment, I mean that as a professional loan consultant, I have capital money to spend for all sorts of marketing and professional business needs. What are these? It can range from post-paid cellphone networks (globe / smart / sun) to online presence and website, to internet provider, calling cards, tarpaulin, online advertisement and other online marketing efforts.

I must admit, I also do what your regular agents do like follow up on loan application, being assertive with lending company marketing assistants, calling and texting clients, distributing flyers and leaflets and yes, even the simple assistance to clients. The only difference is that I do it on a more personal and professional way.

Now, I do not want to degrade those who knows how to do their job in their own way but this is me and there is nothing I can do but be honest. I want to be transparent in everything I do as a loan consultant. This includes giving benefits to clients in the form of free coffee, softdrinks, document photocopy costs and yes, even the personal level conversations. I make sure to do my job more than just for commission but for service. Service comes first before anything else so I can focus in improving my daily relationship with a client loan applicant or borrower. I make to learn each and everyday I assist them. Experiences make a better me and it has been a principle more than just an aim to accomplish every day. I treat clients as friends and family member while respecting their privacy and preference and for me, it involves a personal level of understanding and reading the mind of a person so that you know what he or she likes and doesn’t like.

I even help clients with their LTO problems from court case clearance, stencil, LTO motor vehicle inspection report, TIN ID application, police clearance application, comprehensive insurance policy copy endorsements and more.